Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 19/02/1954
Occupational field: Dietistic medicine / Dietary Science



• Owner of a professional medical study Corso Venezia 21 – Milan
• Director of the Columbus Clinic Diet – Milan
• Clinic activity of Nutrition division at Foundation “Opera San Camillo” Private Hospital San Camillo – Milano
• Consultant dietician Physioclinic – Milan Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Wellness and Beauty
• Scientific Director of the Sensory Spa at Chianciano Terme.
• Member of the Scientific Technical Committee Terme di Chianciano.
• Member of the Scientific Steering Committee of Columbus Clinic in Milan.
• Member of the Commission standard of quality checks Restaurants and University IULM – Milan
• Scientific Committee membe of Italian Association Specialist in Medical Hydrology and Thermal Operators
• Scientific Consultant physician NGC Pharma
• Writer of scientific popular texts


•Professor Inter-University Master of first level:”Analysis and Risk Management of Food – Food and Health” Faculty Medicine and Surgery of the University of Studies

• Professor of Master II level and Aesthetic Medicine Being. Faculty Medicine and Surgery University Pavia.
• Lecturer Master’s Degree in Medical Hydrology and Medicine Spa. Diet and Therapies Spa. Faculty Medicine and Surgery, University of Pavia.
• Adjunct Professor of Nutrition in association with Crenotherapy at the School of Specialization in Hydrology Medical University of Pavia.
• Collaborates with the Centre for Study and Research Medicine Spa University of Milan

Has been:

From 2014 to 2015
• Consultant Dietician-interpreter: “In health-Size Form”.

From 2008 to 2013
• Curator of Television programme “Mattino Cinque” Mediaset.

In 2008
• Consultant Dietician-interpreter in the programme “X Factor” RAI.
• Consultant Dietician-interpreter in the programme: “Family doctor” TG4 Mediaset.

In 2006
• Consultant Dietician-interpreter: “Changing lives back in shape” SKY 2006.

In 2003
• Scientific Consultant and Videotape CD interpreter “The correct eating habits, diets and recipes by prof. Sorrentino “. RoederFarmaceutici

From 2002 to 2008
• Adjunct Professor of “Principles of dietetics in diseases of the urinary tract “Vita Salute San Raffaele Milan

From 2001 to 2002
• Adjunct Professor of “Dietetics of overweight body “at the spec school. in Science of ‘Power, University of Milano-Bicocca

From 1991 to 2001
• Coordinator The Didactic-Scientific Committee of the Province of Milan for the campaign food education “Educating to prevent” disclosed in High Schools

In 2000
• Consultant Dietician and Aesthetic Medicine at Terme di Salice.

From 1998 to 1999
• Consultant Dietician and Aesthetic Medicine at S.Pellegrino

In 1997
• Teacher at Course of information and education Food Lombardy Region Provincial Service Agriculture Forestry and Food (SPAFA) Pavia
•Teacher at Course of information and education Food Lombardy Region, Technical Service Administrative Provincial Agriculture Office of Varese.
• Consultant at the food company “Podere Emilia “for the creation and production of dietetic foods.

From 1995 to 1997
• Chied medical officer at Terme di San Pellegrino

In 1996
• Coordinator of the project “The Milky Way” The milk healthy food education in elementary schools promoted by Consorzio Produttori Latte Milano

From 1993 to 1994
• Consultat Dietician and Aesthetic Medicine at Terme di Vinadio.


• Author of the book “The Water Diet”. What to eat, water to drink to stay healthy and lose weight”. Ed. Salani.
• Author of the book “CHANGE DIET”. Lose weight and changes your relationship with food to prevent diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Ed. Mondadori

• Coauthor of the book “THIS IS HOW I DO”. My secrets: fit without sacrifices with the method of Professor Nicola Sorrentino. Ed. Mondadori.
• Coauthor of the book “PASTA DAMARE” with recipes from 16 chefs. Agra Editrice.

• Author of the book “The Sorrentino DIET” The real healthy diet to lose weight and stay healthy. Ed. Mondadori.

• Author of the book “DIETS LIGHTNING” The OK books health first.RCS periodicals SpA.
• Coauthor of the book “WHAT WE EAT” driving full to learn secrets and properties of all foods. Ed. Mondadori.
• Coauthor of the book “PASTA D’AUTORE”. The pasta according to the creative genius of 15 chefs. AGRA Publishing.

• Coauthor of the book “The DIET BASO” Ed. Salani.

• Coauthor of brochure “Microwave Gourmet. The secrets a healthy, tasty and quick” Ed. Whirlpool.
• Appendix-author book “The operator and the Alzheimer patient. Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease: Risk, prevention and therapy “. Ed. MC GRAW HILL Year

• Author of the book “The diet of Vip” Ed. Sonzogno.

• Coauthor of book “l ‘A B C dell’antistress” Ed. Sonzogno.

• Author of brochure “Water retention” Ed. RoederFarmaceutici.
• Author of brochure “Being overweight, or, The Book diets with recipes, “Ed. RoederFarmaceutici.
• Coauthor of brochure “Educating to prevent” Food Education program for schools – High schools of the Province of Milan. Updated 1991-2001.

• Author of the book “Overweight and Obesity” The epidemic of the third millennium – Ed. RoederFarmaceutici.

• Coauthor of the book “La psicodieta: por que comemos, por que ingorda, como parar”. Ed. Sao Paulo: Paulus.

• Coauthor of the book “Cellulite how to prevent it as fight ” Ed. Xenia

• Author of the book “Dictionary of Food” Ed. Xenia.
• Coauthor of the book “Menopause without problems:nutrition, health, beauty, love. ” Ed.Xenia.

• Coauthor of the book “The Psicodieta” Ed. Mondadori

•Coauthor of the book “Herbs Health Beauty”.Supplement to Starbene Eating serie.