State-of-the-art technology to enhance the natural properties of oxygenation.

Carboxytherapy enters into a total-body phase thanks to the continuous research carried out in our laboratories.

Carboxytherapy, first introduced in the early decades of the 20th century, has become a state-of-the-art treatment thanks to the team of researchers at Novaclinical laboratories, who have been able to devise new protocols that have turned it into a total-body therapy: effective for face and body, including vulvo-vaginal applications. What makes the device so versatile is the CCFTM CO2 Control Flow – a technology that regulates gas emissions (from 5 to 600 cc/min) constantly and precisely for clinical applications in various fields: from dermatology to gynaecology, to plastic and cosmetic surgery. AnikaTM is equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly software, with constantly updated protocols resulting from the work of our scientific board, so that the doctor can focus on the patient alone.


The precise and safe oxygenation dispenser.

The new Novaclinical device is the result of work done in our Italian laboratories in all respects.

With its careful design, it results from the synergy of several teams working together: R&D for the technologies backing the treatment for a safe, effective insufflation of CO2; the software programming, for an easy, intuitive user experience; the design of the case – minimal and elegant – conceived to contain the CO2 bottle in total safety.

  • Medical pressure relief system with 20 um filter

    Medical pressure relief system with 20 um filter

    The system makes it possible to safely connect the medical CO2 bottle to the device thanks to a pressure relief system, safety valves and a PTFE membrane filter at the entry point.

  • Biofeedback Control

    Biofeedback Control

    Thanks to an electronic bracelet, the user can stop the treatment, taking active part in the session.




CO2 Control


Temperature and
Sanification of CO2



CO2 Control Flow

Thanks to a group of state-of-the-art electro-valves and an innovative software algorithm, AnikaTM can manage CO2 flows from 5 to 600 cc/min, regulating the administration of carbon dioxide precisely by means of an innovative system that enables the minimal stimulation of nerve endings at nociception, which are extremely sensitive to tissue distension due to gas insufflation. This helps offer the patient a pleasant experience and allows the operator to choose among a variety of fields of application – from dermatology to gynaecology, to cosmetics.

The innovative hardware and state-of-the-art control software designed by Novavision laboratories make the device versatile, suitable for the treatment of pathologies and imperfections all over the body, as well as for gynaecological applications, with the additional benefit of shorter treatment sessions and of a comfortable experience for the patient.

An innovative control pain system

TREATMENT 20-40 minutes

Technology enhancing effectiveness.

High-precision, digital flow sensors allow the doctor to monitor the volume of insufflated CO2 in real time, while adhering to the treatment schedule. The system allows the operator to set the gas emission by total volume, volume by area or injection time.

The circuit is completed by two digital pressure sensors (entry and exit of the gas), which enables the software to monitor the pressure of gas inside the bottle and in the treated tissues, providing the operator with a constant monitoring of the condition and results of the treatment.

TSC™ Temperature and sanification of CO2

The TSCTM technology makes it possible to pre-heat the outgoing gas from 30 to 47°C, depending on the programme chosen by the operator, thus avoiding the patient’s subcutaneous cold feeling and offering a comfortable treatment. AnikaTM with TSCTM is also equipped with two PTFE membrane filters measuring 20 μm each (one at the entry and one at the exit point) to administer gas at high levels of purity. The outgoing CO2 is then channelled into a 420 mm LED UV system. The sanitisation system is completed by the Degas Function – a process by which, thanks to the letting of a powerful, high-pressure jet of CO2 into the hydraulic circuit, AnikaTM rids itself of all residual gases, ensuring the use of pure gas at each treatment.


The outgoing CO2 is then channelled into a 420 mm LED UV system. The sanitisation system is completed by the Degas Function – a process by which, thanks to the letting of a powerful, high-pressure jet of CO2 into the hydraulic circuit, AnikaTM rids itself of all residual gases, ensuring the use of pure gas at each treatment.


In a rapidly changing and increasingly networked world, Novavision firmly believes in the creation and development of the IoMT concept. With a view to offering you a device that is always up-to-date, AnikaTM is set up for continuous upgrades of the Internet of Medical Things.

This new approach makes the company available anytime and anywhere for its customers: services, remote support, training and online protocols, updates, data storage.

At the same time, as a result of becoming members of the IoMT community, users can leverage the continuous support of the scientific board, and share experiences with colleagues around the world (customised protocols, special cases, medical history, follow-up data). The professional user can thus offer their patients unique advantages, such as access to procedure logs, wearable devices, advice, suggestions on treatments, and personal reminders.

Technology enhancing effectiveness.

Field of

  • 01

    Aesthetic medicine e Anti-Ageing:

    - Cellulite - Face and Body Skin laxity - Fat Deposits - Stretch marks reduction - Face and Body Skin Biostimulation - Under-eye dark circles reduction

  • 02

    Dermatology and Trichology:

    - Eczemas and Psoriasis - Ulcers and Hard-to-heal wounds - Cutanous scars improvement - Alopecia areata, alopecia androgeneticam - Telogen Effluvium

  • 03


    - Periarthritis

  • 04


    - Improvement of the texture - Pre and post Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Surgey - Pre and post Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery - Pre and post Osthopaedic surgery - Pre and Post Lower genital tract surgery

  • 05

    Aesthetic and Functional Ginecology:

    - Vulvar Rejuvenation and biostimolation trhough an improvement of tissue tropism – vaginal atrophy adjuvant - Vulvo-vaginal pain therapy - Epissiorraphy scars enhancement - Pre and post genital surgery

  • 06


    - Improvement of Microcirculation - Adjuvant of telangiectasia treatment - Venous insufficency treatment - Adjuvant to prevent phebitis

I Plus

Why is Anika™ the perfect solution

for your


Zero downtime

and full comfort

The treatments do not involve recovery times, which means no change to one’s daily habits.

‘Lunch break’ sessions

Short sessions that can be easily scheduled accommodate both the patient and the operator’s needs and provide immediately perceptible results.

‘Pain control’


Biofeedback Control

NO Anaesthesia

for your


Simple procedures and effective protocols

Safe, effective treatments and a software designed to guarantee an easy, intuitive use.

Training in the use of the device

Novavision provides constantly updated training material, multimedia contents for the proper use of the machines and continuous training with experts in the sector.

Real-time assistance

Thanks to the IoMTTM  technology, every device is constantly interconnected with the mother company, allowing the team at Novavision to guarantee remote assistance in real time.

Minimum occupied space

The device has been designed to optimise space use in your study, and is equipped with a case that contains the CO2 bottle in total safety.

The CCFTM makes the machine versatile.

AnikaTM and its technologies guarantee a variety of applications, making the device extremely versatile.

Total Made in Italy

100% made in Italy means Italian design, Italian materials, Italian data sheets and the guarantee of using the highest quality products.

Everything you need – from consumables to spare parts – will be shipped directly from our laboratories, which means immediate and effective support.

Total made in Italy

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